RA Minifigures Warpath Custom Minifigure

RA Minifigures Warpath Custom Minifigure

This Warpath Custom Minifigure is yet another X-Men related release by RA Minifigures. An Apache Native American, Proudstar originally blamed the X-Men for the death of his brother, Thunderbird, he joined the villainous Hellions group to get revenge. He later reconsidered his views and became a longtime member of the militant X-Men offshoot X-Force.

This high quality pad printed minifigure features a single sided head with a black hair piece and printing to the front and back of the torso. He comes with front and side leg printing.He also has 2 black commando style knives.

Finally he is packed in a plastic box and comes with a numbered /100 collectors card.

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