Queen’s Guard custom minifig

Queen's Guard custom minifig
Queen’s Guard custom minifig by Morgan190

i’m not too sure about the headpiece on this custom minifig, though the idea is fantastic, the decals are really cool and pretty authentic though i’m not sure the gun is the right one, the UK army use an SA 80 bullpup design. regardless its a really cool custom minifig.

4 thoughts on “Queen’s Guard custom minifig

  1. Per my conversation on the BrickArms forums:

    “I couldn’t find info on what particular gun it is they use, so I picked one that looked the most similar, visually, from the pieces I have available… Emphasis on ‘what I have available’.”


    1. yeah i don’t think anyone’s got an SA80 out, your choice was decent, i was being padantic, but the helmet…too polished, you need to get in touch with woody to get that ‘furried’ up!

  2. Dunno if it’s a result of the “feedback” thread or you’re just feeling chatty, but I appreciate the reply– I really DO like knowing that there’s someone on the other end of the line, so to speak. 🙂


    1. yeah sorry, get so het up truing to get everything on to the site it means i can’t spend too much on each post, its something i’m going to be changing in the next few months so bear with me 😀 btw. i read every comment for every poster so please don’t think i’m ignoring you all! and Morgan belated congrats on being featured in the lego minifig book! well deserved!

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