Private Military Contractor Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Cyborgpotato

What drew us to this Private Military Contractor Custom Minifigure was the fantastic hand painted tiger camouflage, and a comment by eclipseGrafx which we thought we would discuss further.

Nice figure but some of the colors are too bright and too many colors. Try to reduce the amount of colors (outside of the paint job) to 2-3 max. Makes a stronger impression.

I know many of you that read our blog are looking for inspiration and tips. So perhaps what eclipseGrafx said was not relevant to this excellent minifigure, however it is a valid point. Keep it simple is always what  I recommend, many custom’s are ruined by over enthusiasm, and sometimes only picking two shades of colour is the way forward especially when your are first starting off.

Finally showcasing your minifigure is also important. Pick a background that draws your attention to the minifigure, and try and take a high quality photograph.