Pre-order 2009 Hazel items NOW



We’re now taking pre-orders on these items, so that we can secure stock, and ensure that we can produce the correct amount of each product. Bear in mind that this is a very small production of highly quality items that were hand sculpted for the production process, they are produced and shipped from the far east to the UK for distribution and there are shipping costs and import duty, we’ve attempted to keep the costs to the absolute minimum to ensure that customers get value for money. Unlike other lego minifig accessories, these custom parts are highly collectable and limited in production, this means that they aren’t toys like other minifig accessoires, these are collectors items. Click here to see the full range.

4 thoughts on “Pre-order 2009 Hazel items NOW

  1. Ah, this new stuff is great! the accessories of the jin roh figure are excellent. Would it be possible to buy them as individual parts?

  2. is this all included on the jin roh set cus if it is im gonna try to buy it itll be a great deal

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