Polar Commando Custom Minifigure By Citizen Brick

Citizen Brick Polar Commando Custom Minifigure

This Polar Commando Custom Minifigure by Citizen Brick is the third in the Commando series, the others being Special Operations and Jungle. Each of the minifigures in the series are limited to 500 and are packaged with a hand-numbered collectors card.

This military minifigure is quite unique as it comes with winter camouflage, beanie and skis as well as a a white, grey and yellow camouflage printed BrickArms Heavy Assault Carbine.

Citizen Brick Polar Commando Custom Minifigure Back

This Polar Commando has a high quality pad print. On the front torso there is a print of a heavy winter coat with a tactical belt and ammo pouches and a grenade, while the back of the torso features a hood, revolver and more pouches. The legs have front and side camouflage printing, while both arms also have printing.

This is a really nice custom minifigure and the Polar Commando is available at minifigures.co.uk.