painted BDU custom minifig soldier

painted BDU custom minifig soldier
painted BDU custom minifig soldier by The Ranger of Awesomeness

I like the camo pattern painted on this custom minifig, but i think it would have been better done as a decal rather than with paint, the main reason i say this is because when you look at the details painted on they aren’t very straight, on a decal you’d be able to add this in and make sure it all site correctly before apply it to the custom minifig

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2 Responses to painted BDU custom minifig soldier

  1. Gianca says:

    Hi I’m a new guy form Italy, nice work but I think that you need more practise with acrilic colours………….I’ll soon publish one of my custom minifigs, contact me if you want, i have some quetions for you about minifigs and painting thecniques

  2. Hey, I had no clue I’d been blogged here so much! I agree, this is one of my least favorite works of mine. If was really my first try at anything like this, and I don’t really like it now that I look back on it.

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