Bo Katan Cusom Minifigure

This Bo Katan Cusom Minifigure is an awesome new release by FST Custom Minifigures and features a full 360 custom print, a custom print jet pack and BrickArms weapons.

Bo Katan makes another addition to their amazing collection of custom design SW minifigures from The Mandalorian series.

This is a limited first run, so be quick to avoid missing out.

Be sure to check out the latest releases by FST Custom Minifigures now.

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BrickArms Marshall Weapons

These Marshall Weapons by BrickArms are awesome new guns from the world’s leading ABS plastic minifigure accessory vendor.

Fans of the new Mandalorian series would have seen them in action as the weapons of choice for the character Cobb Vanth in Chapter 9 “The Marshall”, so they are perfect for serious custom SW minifigure creators.

The detail of each firearm from BrickArms is awesome and they fit LEGO minifigures perfectly.

Check out the full range by BrickArms now.

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Outside Brick Hydra Clay Face Custom Minifigure

This Hydra Clay Face Custom Minifigure is another in the Hydra series by Outside Brick and looks awesome.

This high quality pad printed minifigure comes with a printed custom head piece and printed torso, legs and arms.

He is packaged in a numbered /100 printed LEGO box which has a fantastic print of Clay Face. This will make a great addition to the Hydra team!

Check out all the latest custom minifigure releases by Outside Brick now.

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LEGO Mini Chess Sets

These custom LEGO Mini Chess Sets look amazing.

The mini chess board has been created from 64 1×1 LEGO plates and is designed to be used with BrickMini chess pieces sold separately. The board is supplied unbuilt and the total piece count is 69.

The 16 piece chess set is available in black and white.

Check out the full LEGO Mini Chess Sets by Firestar Toys now.

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Lab9 Ikaris Custom Minifigure

Ikaris is a member of a human offshoot race known as the Eternals and this high quality pad printed custom minifigure by Lab9 looks awesome!

He features a single sided head, custom hair piece, and printing to the front and back of the torso. He comes with printing to the front, sides and back of the legs.

He comes with a metal numbered /60 collectors card.

Check out the full range of custom minifigures available by Lab9 now.

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