Oktoberfest Reveler Custom Minifigures

Designed by Mini Figures.com these Oktoberfest Reveler Custom Minifigures are dressed in their traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen, with a stein of famous German beer in hand.

Whilst he snacks on his traditional sausage dish, she finishes off her huge pretzel and dances with the other Revelers! Whatever the case, this pair are in for a fun time celebrating the festivities!

The Female Oktoberfest reveler comes with a printed custom beer stein, a huge tasty pretzel, and a unique custom print skirt. While the Male Oktoberfest reveler comes with a printed custom beer stein, a tasty sausage snack, and full 360 degree printing.

Both custom minifigures come in printed plastic blister packaging.

You can buy these Oktoberfest Reveler Custom Minifigures at Mini Figures.com now.

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Outside Brick Hydra Patriot Custom Minifigure

This Hydra Patriot Custom Minifigure is another in the Hydra series by Outside Brick and looks fantastic.

This high quality pad printed minifigure comes with a single sided head, custom helmet, shoulder armor, vambraces and weapons.

Packed full of custom pieces this minifigure looks awesome and is another great addition to the ever increasing Hydra Team.

He is packaged in a numbered /100 printed LEGO box.

Check out all the latest custom minifigure releases by Outside Brick now.

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Katniss Everdeen Custom Minifigure

If you love The Hunger Games movies then this Katniss Everdeen inspired custom minifigure is a must!

The team at FST Design have a huge range of themes and characters at affordable prices to add to your collection.

They are created using parts they already sell and are perfect for anyone who wants an amazing minifigure, but doesn’t have the time to search through our 20,000+ different products to find the perfect parts.

Be sure to check out the latest releases by FST Custom Minifigures now.

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Micro Joes Collectibles

Micro Joes are a new brand of small compatible toys for LEGO minifigures. They fit perfectly in a LEGO hand and are the brainchild of Lemon Scented Ninja (Craig Kyle) and Brick Arms.

Each Timed Edition Collector Cabinet has 4 drawers and contains 20 tanks and 4 semis all in vivid colours. The design of the tanks and semis are clean and unique and are pitched at being “toys for your toys”. They say big things come in small packages! You can also get a smaller box with two airplanes.

These toys by Micro Joes are a truly unique idea and they already have big plans for a Wave 2! Some of the colours such as coral and turquoise will be pretty rare and they also have ones that light up in the dark!

Be sure to check out Micro Joes now!

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BrothersFigure Thieving Feline Custom Minifigure

This months release by BrothersFigure sees a Catwoman inspired custom minifigure.

This Thieving Feline Custom Minifigure is pad printed by and comes with a fantastic custom printed helmet. She also has an additional blond LEGO hairpiece for the alternative look.

She is packed in a plastic box and comes with a metal numbered /150 collectors plate.

Shop the full range of custom minifigures by BrothersFigure now.

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