Exclusive Interview with cbla_member

I met cbla_member on the BrickArms forum, he’s a pretty cool guy and a very talented custom minifig builder and MOC (my own creations) builder, I’ve seen a stack of his work at his photo site, I think you’ll agree that these are some awesome MOCs and custom minifigs.

so over to the interview with cbla_member

who is cbla_member?

My real name is Aaron I live in Victoria B.C. Canada I came out of my “dark age” about 2 years ago and I’m 25 years old.

1. how did you find out about customizing mini figs?
I joined VicLUG in January and was shown the Brickarms site, after that I trawled MOCpages and Brickshelf. Since then I’ve moved on to flickr which is an amazing source for pics of custom figs but I still check out the fig section of the Brickarms forum.

2. how big is your collection now?
I buy Lego all the time so its almost impossible to track my figs let alone all my bricks. I know I don’t have nearly as many figs as most people but I get by.

3. your mini figs seem to follow the RAMM, there seems to be quite a few Lego armies out there, any reason why you chose to follow that format rather than strike out on your own?
To be honest RRAM is a bit of a poke at all of the fictional armies no offense intended I just don’t want RRAM to be taken very seriously because no matter what army you build its still in essence playing with toys which is all about fun. I have and will continue to strike out on my own with all of my other building styles my personal fave custom fig being my Punisher. (seen here) Military is in no way my most prominent building style either, I build space, mecha, castle and town. Every creation has its own custom fig thats part of the entire piece.

4. for those of us who are just starting out with minifig customization, do you think there’s any thing particular newbies should be aware of?
Always apply a clear coat to waterslide decals I learned that the hard way thats why my Punisher fig sports that battle damaged look. Aside from that whether you’re dismantling and experimenting with different leg arm torso combinations or getting crafty with decals paint glue or sculpting remember that these are toys and as long as your having fun then your doing everything right. When you do post pictures of figs take any criticism with a grain of salt as there are people out there who take this way more serious than you do.

5. in your opinion whos the mini fig customizer you most admire?
Thats a hard question Will and Ian Chapman are definitely up there its not very often a custom minifig gets worldwide news coverage. (you can see the fig here) Other than them I really think OBX crew does really nice customs he has a very keen eye for little details I like that a lot, Hazel did some really nice sculpting with his Gears of War figs, and recently Jasbrick has been posting these really great Brickviet figs with beautiful paint jobs on the Brickarms forum. Thats the beauty of custom figs theres so much to choose from and always new talent popping up too.
Thanks go out to cbla_member, you’re officially the very first interviewee on customminifig!

Here are some great examples of cbla_member’s work, you can see more here.

cbla_member minifig1

cbla_member minifig2

cbla_member minifig3

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BrickArms Back on Line

BrickArms, the custom minifig weapons maker is back online again after an interesting week as a result of the media getting a bit carried away with one of the custom minifigs created by BrickArms.

In addition to reopening the store a small selection of new items have been added, sadly no new minifigs or custom items, and the items aren’t really Lego or minifig related but, still its good to see BrickArms open again!

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Richard Hammond and Lego

AFOL fan have cause to celebrate when you consider Richard Hammond, the Top Gear presenter is a Lego fan. It might be old news, but lets face it, when Richard Hammond ended up in a Life threatening coma, and had to eventually rehabilitate, Lego was what the doctor ordered, and it’s no surprise when you consider that Lego helps to condition the mind to sophisticated thought processes, most of which Richard Hammond had to redevelop. Lego, helps to develop skills through interactive play, so its perfect therapy,

Hammond, 36, who is now expected to make a full recovery, also said that the accident had reignited his childhood love of Lego and the card game, Top Trumps. Lego saved my life, he said. It’s really good therapy for a brain injury. I was a Lego fiend when I was eight and, suddenly, it was all I wanted to do again. 

Now Richard Hammond has made a full recovery and has gone on in his career to present all sorts of other shows, lets how he’s still a keen Lego fan!

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Minifig for Life shop reopened!

In case you hadn’t noticed the news regarding Mr White by BrickArms it had forced the closure of both Brick Arms and Minifig for life over one of the busiest retail periods, the good news is that Minifig for Life has just reopened temporarily with most of the mini fig weapons, weapons packs and accessories back in stock, there only seems to be a small shortage in the BrickArms custom mini figs however there are a few left in stock till BrickArms manages to replenish the stock.Check out Minifig for life here.

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Custom MiniFig’s first Lego vignette

So Lego mini fig customization is pretty new to me, prior to this I was a competition winner with various Warhammer custom projects, which involved a lot of painting, sculpting and planning.

My Idea is to create a usable custom mini fig vignette which doubles as a custom minifig chess set. The planned theme for this custom minifig diorama, is the British Army in parade uniform and combat fatigues, the chessboard would also be made of lego, with black square being green and white squares being brown. Layers would be created to give the custom Lego minifig chessboard some depth making it look like terrain whilst still allowing the chess set to be playable.

The chess pieces would naturally be made by custom designed Lego minifigs with BrickArm weapons. These custom minifigs would have accessories and decals to make them fit in with the respective colours of each theme. Each type of minifig would represent a particular part of the British Army, these are as follows:

Combat side
Pawns would be infantry- Gurkhas minifigs to be specific
Castles would be Para minifigs
Horses – sniper minifigs
Bishops – RPG  minifigs
Queen – SAS  minifig
King – General minifig

Parade side
all the pawns would be infantry- Guards minifigs
the castles would be artillary minifigs
horses – cavalry – blues and royals minifigs
bishops – Drum major minifigs
Queen – spy (james bond?) minifigs
King – General

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