Lego custom Minifig snipers

Lego custom Minifig snipers1

(Lego custom Minifig sniper by Legodenno)

Lego custom Minifig snipers2

(Lego custom Minifig snipers by Robbyem)

I found these two custom minifig variations on the theme of snipers on the web, both these custom minifigs use Brick arms Lego custom minifig weapons and fabric elements. It’s these fabic elements that are most interesting in combination with a Minifig, as whist there are robes, cloaks and other Lego minifig fabric elements, the nature of a ghillie suit, which snipers use, means that it’s more difficult to portray this in Lego minifigs, Its interesting to see how each of these two custom minifigs has been able to tackle this problem in different approaches, producing two totally unique and custom minifigs as a result.

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Custom Minifig now has a forum

Hey all,

great news we’ve just set up a forum for all you minifig fans, now I know there are loads of forums out there, but this forum is for custom minifig fans, we’ve got a few openings for MODS and Admins, so give us a shout at customminifig <at>gmail <dot> com if you’re interested.

You can find the custom minifig forum here.

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Interesting Lego Facts

I found these interesting facts about Lego, which might be of interest:

Lego has produced so many bricks since its inception, that there are over 62 bricks per person, so that’s 62x6billion!

As testament to the addictiveness of Lego, children across the world will spend over 5 Billion hours a year playing with Lego, that’s an hour for each person on the planet (roughly) and that’s not counting all the Adult Fans of Lego.

More than 400 million people across the globe have played with Lego at some point in their lives.

You can now find Lego bricks in three sizes and in 53 different colours, with plenty more yet to come.

19 Billion Lego parts are produced each year, that’s over triple the worlds population, it works out at 2.16 million Lego parts moulded an hour and 36,000 Lego parts moulded a minute

Over 400 Billion Lego Bricks have left the factories since 1949.

Another testament to the versatility of Lego, as a result of the Lego patent stud and tube mechanism, two 8 stud Lego bricks can be combined in 24 different ways. Three of these 8 studs can be combined in 1,060 ways.

Take six 2×4 Lego bricks just of the same colour, you’ll find that there are over 915 million different combinations to put just these three Lego bricks together.

Even in a time of video games and TV 7 Lego sets are sold every second, that’s 420 a minute, and 25,200 an hour, I wonder how many are just from Adult Fans of Lego!

A single years worth of Lego bought and joined together would circle the world 5 times.

In January 2008 there were over 57.6 million search references to Lego,when typed in to Google.

On youtube there are over 55,600 videos dedicated to Lego.

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custom royal senate guard minifig

custom royal senate guard minifig

(custom royal senate guard minifig by brickplumber)

This custom minifig was created by Brickplumber the master mind behind one of the largest custom Lego Star Wars vignettes. This minifig is totally custom, the most impressive and unique part of the custom minifig is the minifigs helmet which seems to be a modification of the minifig helmet found on the red minifig helmet of the red starwars Lego royal guard. What would be really nice is if the rifle this minifig holds was also unique rather than a standard pirates weapon from Lego.

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cool paper lego storm trooper

cool paper lego storm trooper

(cool paper lego storm trooper by dunechaser)

OK, so this isn’t Really a custom minifig, or indeed made from Lego plastic, but I couldn’t resist sharing this paper constructed Lego minifig of a Lego storm trooper minifig.

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