The corporation custom minifigs

The corporation custom minifigs

(The corporation custom minifig by Jasbrick)

This is Jasbrick’s latest project, so I’m guessing he’s finished his how-to ebook on his Briviet minfigs, I really like his stuff as he gets really creative with other parts, not just Lego parts, and his custom minfigs are sanded, painted and cut, on this particular custom minifig, i particularly like the night vision goggles and the combination of head, as it really ‘seals the deal’ in defining this minifig. the weapons are naturally from Brick arms, and Jasbrick has made a name for himself for producing this minifig chest rigs by modding sluban ( a clone Lego company) minifig accessories.

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Baby Jeebus

baby jeebus

(Lego custom minifig baby jeebus by Dr.X)

This custom minfig gave me a chuckle, its basically a Lego head, in a Lego turban with a Lego tommy gun, whats even nicer was the description given by Dr. X on his creation.

One of the most notorious mass murderers in criminal lore. Estimated to be responsible for the deaths of over 850 people and for the robbery of a total of over 300 million dollars.

Its pretty cool how different standard Lego parts can create something new and unique, and the way a Lego baby can be represent is pretty cool too!

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Lego Custom Minifig arctic Marine

Lego Custom Minifig arctic Marine

( Lego Custom Minifig arctic Marine by Hobo4evar)

Plain Ice blue minifig torse, a Lego Backpack in white, and white Lego legs, add a good old grey cap and a Lego head, and the Minifig will look fairly generic, throw in some brick arms accessories, and its a generic custom minifig with brick arm accessories, but add small rubber bands to the minifig for the hand grenades, and the brick arms gun, and voia la, you have a rather unique custom minifig, artic solider, what would be cooler if there was pair of skis, and a white Lego helmet too!

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ghostrider custom minifig

ghostrider custom minifig

(ghost rider custom minfig by babyelephant)

This Lego minifg is really nice, and its made totally from Lego minifig and Lego components, with in the Lego cusom minifig community this type of custom minifig, ie a custom minifig made only from Lego components is termed as ‘purist’ and whilst I would find this restrictive and limiting, it presents a different challenge and approach, and as you can see that results can be just as effective.

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Lego custom Minifig snipers

Lego custom Minifig snipers1

(Lego custom Minifig sniper by Legodenno)

Lego custom Minifig snipers2

(Lego custom Minifig snipers by Robbyem)

I found these two custom minifig variations on the theme of snipers on the web, both these custom minifigs use Brick arms Lego custom minifig weapons and fabric elements. It’s these fabic elements that are most interesting in combination with a Minifig, as whist there are robes, cloaks and other Lego minifig fabric elements, the nature of a ghillie suit, which snipers use, means that it’s more difficult to portray this in Lego minifigs, Its interesting to see how each of these two custom minifigs has been able to tackle this problem in different approaches, producing two totally unique and custom minifigs as a result.

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