Lego custom minifig snake eyes

Lego custom minifig snake eyes

( Lego custom minifig snake eyes By Cbla Member)

This awesome minifg, is brilliantly simple, just a plain black minifig with a few Lego minifig custom accessories. The really cool part is the decals which are both highly detailed and applied brilliantly.

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Sweet Lego Walle MOC

OK couldn’t resist showing you this work of art, a lego Walle MOC, that actually transforms

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Lego Addict


Found these Lego cigarettes surfing the web…not sure how Lego would feel about this.

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Sweet Stuff from the Lego site

I spent a little time trawling the Lego site today, as they’ve launched a whole range of new products (you can see more about this here)

Lego are really going for that community feel and you’ll find loads of useful information not only about their products but the background and design of Lego products as well as loads of tips history.

Check out some Lego building tips here, and here are some sweet lego building instructions for free. Fancy reading some Lego comics or watching some lego movies? Check em out here. Lego have even produced some Theme related games here.

And this is Lego Universe – the second Life multiuser online game for lego fans.

Play well!

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Arealights Custom minifig scooters

Arealights Custom minifig scooters

( Custom minifig scooter by Arealight)

These are really cool custom minifig scale scooters, the seem to be totally custom mafe with rubber rimmed detachable wheels, whilst the rest of the mopeds body is made of a single plastic piece, these look really great, and you can imagine a whole load of custom minifig Lego Mods and rockers rolling around a Lego London!

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