Onlinesailin Minifig MOC Challenge Rules

Onlinesailin's Comic Book MOC Challenge

Contestants must build an MOC based on a comic book cover. The choice of which comic cover you use out of the thousands out there is completely up to you, but it must be PG-13 (no hyper sexual or gory imagery). Contestants must list the name and issue number of the comic book cover they decide to use for their MOC. We as judges need something to compare you MOC to and we’re not going to scour the internet looking for one that matches up.

The MOC can have minifigures, be a mosaic, be a mix of both, or be whatever you want! So long as it’s LEGO, it qualifies! Be creative!

Contestants may make multiple entries if they so choose, but must recognize that they cannot win multiple prizes.


1) Contestants may not use official builds from The LEGO Group in their MOC. For example, if you do a cover that features the Batmobile, you cannot use a Batmobile from an official Batman set. You must create your own custom Batmobile build. Additionally, the build for this contest must be new. You may not enter a build you did at some point in the past. Make something new for the contest!

2) Contestants may not use ANY counterfeit or knockoff minifigures, pieces, or accessories. This specifically applies to known counterfeiters from China (DeCool, Sheng Yuan, etc.). Products from companies like Brickforge, BrickWarriors, or BrickArms as well as other custom accessories are perfectly fine. If you are unsure about a piece, feel free to contact any of the judges for the contest (SilentShane, CyclopsBricks, or aaclapham).

3) Contestants may use official or customized minifigures in their builds. There are no rules for how you customize your minifigures, so long as it does not violate Rule 2. You do not have to use an Onlinesailin minifigure in your MOC to qualify for the contest.

All entries must be submitted to The Onlinesailin Group (linked below) by contest’s end, on April 1st 2016.

When the contest is over, all entries will be judged by our three judges (SilentShane, CyclopsBricks, and aaclapham) and the top three winners will be chosen. Exact judging time will depend on the number of entries, but should be expected to be completed within a few days of the contest’s end.

Additionally, as a thank you for everyone that participates, everyone who submits an entry (except for the top three winners) will be thrown in a raffle. At contest’s end, along with the top three winners, one randomly selected individual will also be chosen to win a copy of the Black Lantern Batman minifigure. So even if you’re not confident about your building skills, don’t be afraid to submit an entry! Everyone has an equal chance to come out with an awesome custom minifig!

Good luck, and happy building!

Please submit your entry to this group:

*Note: Store credit may only be spent on custom printed items, and not official LEGO items sold in Onlinesailin’s store.

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  1. Does it have to be from comic book cover? can’t be from tv show, based on a comic? like the cw Flash?

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