Olympic and Paralympic Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Minfigs.me

Each of Team GB’s Olympic champions received a gold medal, a gold post box and a postage stamp. However the best was yet to come and possibly an even greater honour in our opinion, a LEGO custom minifigure. Caroline and Nick Savage of Savage Steel’s Minifigs have created LEGO likenesses of all GB’s gold medalists including Jessica Ennis, Andy Murray and Mo Farah.

As the Olympic frenzy spread so did the news of these minifigures and they appeared in the UK press including The Telegraph and The Guardian. As a result orders for these minifigures have been huge.

Photo courtesy of Minfigs.me

We are delighted to announce that Savage Steel’s Minifigs are back with another range of custom minifigures, and this time it is the gold medal winning paralympians including Richard Whitehead, Jody Cundy, and Eleanor Simmonds.

We had a quick chat with Caroline and they are overwhelmed and delighted by the demand for these minifigures, and are hoping to expand their business to create even higher quality printed minifigs in the future.

Visit their Facebook Page to keep updated on their new releases, and good luck!

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  1. am trying to order some Para Olympic lego for my grandhildren have only sen the archer where are the others ??

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