NSW Team 4 Custom Minifigure

NSW Team 4 Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of Commander Turtles

This NSW Team 4 Custom Minifigure is packed full of third party LEGO compatible pieces by Tiny Tactical (TT) and BrickArms (BA).

He features an Ops-core ballistic FAST helmet by G-Bricks. Green/Black IR IFF patches, MSA Sordins headset (TT), LBT 6094A in AOR1 (CombatBrick), Eagle industries 1X3 M4 pouches (TT), Eagle industries MAP pack (TT), 9-11 Never forget pentagon patch, Full Coluor American 3X5 inch flag patch, LBT Slap Charge pouch (Sculpted with green stuff), Voodoo tactical skeleton gloves (EclipseGrafx/TT), Bastion Coyote brown T-Shirt (TT), New Balance AOR2 trousers (Green stuff sculpted pockets) and New Balance issue boots.

He has a number of weapon pieces which include mk18 block II (TT), 4X Acog and RMR sight (TT), KAC Suppressor (TT), Magpul PMag (TT), Garmin Foretrex GPS device (On stock, green stuff), M79 “Pirate Gun” (BA) and EOTech 552 (TT).

Finally the minifigure has been painted really nicely and I really like the camo legs.

Overall, this custom minifigure is a great showcase for what you can achieve with the third party pieces.