ninja lego backpack

ninja lego backpack
ninja lego backpack by •kenneth nielsen•

nice idea for a ninja style sword backpack thing although you can already find a fabric part that does the same thing.

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6 Responses to ninja lego backpack

  1. noobmaister6 says:

    thats my fu**ing pic!!!!! And it is a lego piece but its a proto

  2. yes, thats your pic, and you’ll notice its got your name on it and it links back to your flickr account too!

  3. noobmaister6 says:

    well it´s still not my name and it doesn´t link back to my account?

  4. then i think thats a matter you need to take up with that flickr account owner. now that we know we can link it back to your account.

  5. noobmaister6 says:

    ok thanks

  6. Bobtheawsomelegomaster says:

    Wow thats pretty cool. how did u get it………..?

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