Night of the Bricking Dead Collection

With Halloween just around the corner it is time to add a few Zombies to your LEGO minifigure collection!

The Night of the Bricking Dead Collection contains 5 Minifigures:

ZOMDROMEDA ASTROGRAVE: Space! It can be cold and unforgiving at the best of times, and no-one knows that better than ZOMDROMEDA ASTROGRAVE.

LORD BRAINSWORTH: The Zombie about town, Lord Brainsworth can often be seen flashing his cash at all the top Cerebral dining establishments. This dapper, departed Gentleman is a touch of class when the rest of the city is shambling.

ZOMBIEMAN: If you find yourself in grave danger, there’s only one zombie you can depend on to be deadicated to saving your brains.

SANDY CORPSE: Ahh, sunshine. If there’s one Minifigure you can count on to take in the UV rays, it’s Sandy Corpse.

SHARKBAIT: When he hits the waves, Sharkbait is looking to show off his rad skills. Unfortunately, he has a habit of attracting the more aggressive and hungry denizens of the ocean to join him.

Each custom minifigure comes in a printed plastic blister packaging.

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