New Lego Collectors Series 3 and 4 Rumored

Word on the grapevine is there’s a new Lego collectors minifg series about to be launched, to add to rumor, apparently there may also be a series 4 and a card game to go along with these new Lego minifigures. naturally lego is being cagey with the information but intel gathered suggest the following minifigures in series 3, no doubt these will be as popular as the last two Lego collectors minifig series.

Minifigure Series 3:
-fisher with hinge and fish
-Ferrari driver (red torso) with helmet
-mummy with pan
-? sumo wrestler/karate guy (yellow torso and pants) with trophy
-? female dancer
-samurai knight with removeable armor and samurai sword
-Hawaii girl (green skirt print) with two green rattles
-baseball player with baseball bat
-elf with bow and big buckler
-Native American chief with lance
-alien with space gun
-? male singer with ? micro and ? recorder
-? doctor/surgeon with suitcase and ?
-gorilla with banana
-snowboarder with snowboard

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