new hazel alien custom minifig parts and update

ok first up, loads of new custom minifig stuff from hazel including the alien pulse rifle that so far only brickarms make, i’ll leave it up to you to decide which you prefer, personally i’m all about detail so i like the hazel amazing army very of the custom minifig pulse rifle, other bits include an awesome custom minifig minigun, the flame thrower from aliens and the heavy machine gun from aliens, note theres some custom minifig armor as well, whats missing the the waist mount for the heavy machine gun.

ok in other news, apparently the rumor mill has sprung up that theres going to be a lego collectors minifig series 5 coming out, patchy details but  minifigs to be expected –

  • A boxer with gloves and sparring helmet
  • A clown with a cream pie and blue bowler
  • A guy in a dino suit
  • Buckingham palace guard
  • Cleopatra with snake
  • Gladiator with gladius and helmet
  • Dwarf with battle axe and shield
  • A cavewoman with a bone in her hair
  • A ‘Sherlock Holmes’ style detective with magnifying glass

also came across this:

so whilst i have seen and was about to post a rather interesting and unique image of minifigs that i came across, i’ll leave it for you to decide via the comments box if i should show it.

a few things to remember –

1. every year we see lego confidential images

2. if they were so serious about preventing leaks from occuring surely these images wouldn’t be out there in the first instance.

3. i can’t help but think this is a way for lego to drum up some drama within the lego community to get some excitement going.

4. name me one exact and direct competitor to lego, lego have a patent on the minifig, so there is and can only ever be one minifig, the lego minifig, so with regards to lego minifigs i can’t see how competitors would be able to compete, megabloks certainly wouldn’t stand a chance.

my personal opinion? if they don’t want leaks – don’t take photos that can be leaked, and get rid of employees to do the leaking….simples.