new custom minifig stuff

tis the season for custom minifig stuff, both amazing armor and brickforge have new products, now the brickforge items are SWAT team helmets and shields, and would work really well with the Lego police sets, a really good match, this being said, the main difference is the addition of a decal, which whilst i don’t know what kind of decal it is, really it seems like a simple decal addition to existing products, is it really a new product? not really, will it look cool on custom minifigs? for sure, can you do it yourself? definitely. as for the amazing armory stuff, personally i don’t really like them and given the political upheaval in the ranks of amazing armory, there are some big changes coming, certainly i’d encourage you all to support Hazel. more news on this as i’m authorized, by lawyers etc. to release it.