Necromancer custom minifig

Custom minifig Necromancer custom minifig

Necromancer custom minifig – a custom minifig creation by Family Bricks

i have to day i don’t really like this custom minifig, and i felt compelled to include it to point out the things i didn’t like, perhaps its a tip for the future.

the custom minifig as and idea is really nice, and the black and red do go well together, but the extensiveness of the red ‘flame lines’ is a little excessive and without multiple layers of gradiated flame colours it looks a little off…from a distance it seems ok, but up close all the little errors really show up…also theres a shinyness to the parts that have been painted with the flame lines and that really doesn’t fit, i would have thought a matt finish would have worked better.

regardless its a custom minifig with potential and you can only get better right?

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