NATO Combined Special Operations Force Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of MarineRaider

A few years after the Iranian Empire was created, their military became too large and powerful for just the US, who originally attempted to stop them. In 2017, many key NATO countries put portions of their armies, navies, and air forces together into a huge force (about 5 million personnel) that was technologically superior to the Iranians, although not as large.

The pride of the combined force is the CSOF (Combined Special Operations Force), which includes soldiers from the worlds most elite organizations such as the SEALs, the SAS, GROM, KSK, Force Recon, and others. A platoon of the CSOF, called “Checkmate,” has been inserted throughout the Iranian Empire to take out key targets.

The most important of these targets, which could lead to the reacquiring of Eastern Europe, is the Salaar Tower. This target will be taken down by these four soldiers.

These Combined Special Operations minifigures have a great combination of LEGO compatible pieces which include the eclipseGrafx digitally printed combat pants, BrickArms Modern Combat Helmet and the SI-DAN B12 Tactical Vest. Their weapons are pretty cool too!

From Left-Right the NATO Combined Special Operations Force Custom Minifigures are:

Checkmate 4-3, designated marksman, call sign “Closer”
Checkmate 4-1, team leader, call sign “Papa”
Checkmate 4-2, CQC expert, call sign “Rapier”
Checkmate 4-4, gunner/demolitions, call sign “Fuse”