My custom minifigs

My custom minifigs

My custom minifigs by timeforacatnap

so finally, i’ve got ound to doing two things, 1. testing out the new camera i got over christmas, and 2. actually making and taking some photos of my custom minfigs, about time too considering how much I’ve been blogging on custom minifig about everyone elses minfigs.

from left to right:

Hero Nakamura (heroes), HALO Para jumber,  House MD, Russian Spetznatz, British Para trooper.

these minifigs are made from true Lego parts with the beret being a sluban piece, and the weapons being from brick arms. so, what do you think of my first attept and creating my own custom minifigs?

2 thoughts on “My custom minifigs

  1. These are good… I would class these as ‘Combo’ figs due to the fact that they are created from combining pieces to create the desired effect. The Heroes character and House are great.

    Nice to see that your figs!


  2. thanks Jasbrick, yes, i’m still very new to creating custom minifigs, so this was really my first attempt, it might be quite some time before i get to your standard! (i can still hope though!) 🙂

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