More hazel-ness

more custom minifig guns from hazel, seems like he’s launching a whole new range, this range is simpler than the original series, mainly to keep production costs down and make the items more affordable. the other thing to point out is that amazing armory is now a registered company, and there is an official amazing armory as well as a ‘fraud’ amazing armory, the REAL amazing armory is owned by Hazel, and has the website, the facebook ama armory site and the flickr and bricklink stores are all run by the ‘fake’ amazing armory, meaning that they won’t have this new stuff, and they product their items in resin rather than ABS, point to note about resin, I personally prefer it, with my background in warhammer customization, as its easier to cut and holds more detail.

anyways more goodies, check out how tiny tactical put their packages together, looks like the have air pockets, meaning that the fragile items inside don’t get damaged in transportation, cool eh?