More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick

More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick1More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick2

More corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick3

(Lego corporation custom minifigs by Jasbrick)

Jasbrick, apparently managed to cut himself, which has relegated him to not being able to work on custom minifigs for a while…but you wouldn’t be able to tell with these new custom minifigs he’s made, as part of his corporation series of custom minifigs, you can find the last artcle about it here. The corporation minifigs are the nemisis for the brickviet custom minifigs Jasbrick made, you can find out more about those here.

What I really like about his corporation minifigs is the eye piece, which i think is a modified lego piece. Jasbrick has also modifed several Brickarms custom minifig parts. and he’s used a few sluban minifig accessories as well. Whilst the accountant minifig, the one in the top left looks simplest, its my favorite, its simple and uses plenty of original Lego parts, but it works.