Monster lego excavator Terex RH400

this is one impressive MOC built of the Terex RH400 the worlds largest excavator, used in mining, this fully functioning Lego MOC was made by Zbiczasty and actually works, whats more astounding is how it dwarfs the minifig near it…wow!

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3 Responses to Monster lego excavator Terex RH400

  1. Jacob says:

    hello im very intrested in your terex rh 400 and i was just wondering if i could have instructions

  2. Zbiczasty says:


    no, I don’t have an instruction for this model, and I won’t do that. In few nearest days I will publish updated version of my RH400 🙂

    Regards: Marcin

  3. Mini says:


    I’d just discovered your really impressive model. I also saw your komatsu. Your model are impressive and complexe. Are you an engineer? The kinematic of the shovel of the RH400 is really great. Now, I would like to buildit for me as a private person for my child.
    May I kindly ask you if that would be possible to get some spare part list and the parts themself….? Or may be could you send me some link or indicate some publication were I can get any instructions?
    That would be really nice to read from you
    Kind regards,

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