Modern Warfare 3 Inspired Custom Minifigure

I love this Modern Warfare 3 Inspired Minifigure by Bansheeshee. Heavily inspired by The Knight’s “Task Force 141” and MGF’s Modern Warfare minifigs I like the way the paintwork on the vest doesn’t look like its just been painted and has a worn look.

So I threw this together late last night, and I’m pretty happy with it! It is pretty messy but this is my first fully customized/painted modern fig. Most of my mistakes were just pure sloppiness because of how late it was, but I wanted to finish it so I just kept going. I’m probably going to try my hand at a few more of these, but probably keep them pretty similar to this. This is definitely one of those figures that looks better in person, and when you don’t look at it too long. That’s pretty pathetic, in my opinion, and will work to make another one that isn’t as sloppy as this.

Great work on a high quality minifig!

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