Minifigs4u Winter 13 Custom Minifigure Releases

Minifigs4u Winter 13 Custom Minifigure Releases

Minifigs4u have just released 6 high quality digitally printed minifigures as part of their Winter 13 collection. They are Captain America Stealth Suit, Modern Military Falcon, Agent Coulson, Advanced Spider-Man, Iron Man Nightclub Armor and Iron Man Mark 14 Armor.

Captain Stealth Suit Minifigs4u Custom Minifigure Front

All these minifigures have proven very popular and highlights for me is this Captain America, inspired by the new 2014 Winter Soldier film. He comes with a LEGO Captain America shield.

Slate Grey Armor Minifigs4u Custom Minifigure Front

The printing and detailing on this Mark XIV inspired Iron Man is amazing and one of the best custom minifigures I have seen.

Webslinger Minifigs4u Custom Minifigure Front

Finally, the textured printing on this Advanced Spider-Man is excellent making him a must-have custom minifigure.