Minifig.Cat July 2013 Release

Minifig.Cat have just released a new batch of minifigure accessories which includes the highly anticipated Ski Mask and some new tactical vests and belts. There are also a number of helmets and the beret looks really cool.  There is only one weapon in this release and that is the Diplomatic Rifle.

The complete list is:

1. Diplomat Rifle
2. Helmet(IBH-G)
3. Pilot Helmet(HGU-56)
4. Helmet(ACH)
5. Helmet(M2002K)
6. Helmet(LWH)
7. Helmet(PBH)
8. Goggles(X500)
9. Beret(BQ7)
10. Tactical Vest(B20)
11. Tactical Vest(Q5)
12. Tactical Belt(G3)
13. Tactical Belt(G4)
14. Grenade(M26)
15. Maxillofacial shield Pilot’s Face Guard(MFS-2)
16. Ski Mask(Q3A)
17. Gas Mask(M17)
18. Hydration Pack(CQ1)
19. Night Vision(PVS-14)