Military Parade Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Brikam

Firstly this is a great photograph of the Military Parade Custom Minifigures taken from the Military Parade MOC(My Own Creation) below. It took several hours to line up the minifigures and give them all guns. The army is armed with p90 and silencer, bullet proof vest, helmet and goggles.

Photo courtesy of Brikam

The special forces are armed with British Assault Rifle L85A2 as their primary weapon, and they are also armed with MP9 and P99 pistols.

Photo courtesy of Brikam

If you visit Brikam’s Flickr page there are a lot more close up pictures and the range of vehicles including tanks, helicopters and armoured personnel carriers and are very good.

This is one collection to be very proud of!

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