Military Contractor custom minifig

Military Contractor custom minifig
Military Contractor custom minifig by JasBrick

this is my new favorite custom minifig, aside from hazels superbly detailed accessories, although this is really one whole minifig rather than custom parts so Hazels stuff doesn’t count in this context, Jasbrick actually beat me to it, as I was going to do something similar, and in a way I’m glad he did, as mine wouldn’t look anywhere near as good, I love the custom paint job, on the hat and the neck scarf, but you’ll also notice the minifig has a custom gun and a chest rig which has been superbly made and painted, additionally notice how the side arm is holstered on the minifigs leg, pretty cool eh? Now if only Lego would mass produce this!

One thought on “Military Contractor custom minifig

  1. I’m surprised that he could actually fit the gun in the holster. I’ve tried it, and it’s a pretty tight fit.

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