Metro Exploration Suit Custom Minifigure

Metro Exploration Suit Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of Black Sun Customs

Inspired by the Metro Video Game Series which consists of Metro 2033, released in 2010, and the sequel Metro Last Light released in 2013, this Metro Exploration Suit custom minifigure looks excellent.

The Exploration suit: Designed to sustain prolonged amounts of time on the surface world. 2 huge air tanks are on the back, and the suit features many pockets for found valuables, as well as a few “military grade” rounds strapped to one arm. A watch much like Artyom’s is on the left arm. A pistol sits in a holster, in case the rifle either runs out of rounds or gets lost. A main light and a backup light is attached to the helmet as well.

The main helmet is made of an old LEGO scuba suit which has been modified, along with a Si-DAN gas mask, with a hose running out of it. The pouches are Warhammer, the arms are sculpted to look like they are wrinkled, with a few other sculpted details on them. The hands are by Brick Affliction, from the Onyx guard.

The legs feature cloth that has been painted over, as well as sclupted with some warhammer pieces. The gun is bits and pieces of materials as well as leftovers from cut up 3rd party guns. Finally the small dark green canteen is made out of styrene.

The Scuba helmet looks excellent, and the minifigure is packed full of detail. Finally the colour scheme works really well and nicely painted!

A fantastic custom minifigure!