Metro 2033 Bourbon Custom Minifigure

Metro 2033 Bourbon Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of olteam712

This Metro 2033 Bourbon Custom Minifigure is inspired by the video game and features Bourbon a trader, drifter, survivor, criminal, and adventurer, all rolled into one man. He was a seasoned professional who had seen everything the metro and surface has to offer, then living to tell the tale.

He features a fully sculpted torso along with his hat and a nicely painted face with some wear and tear, stubble and a wound near his eye.

He comes with Tiny Tactical shotgun shells which are painted, an Amazing Armory Modded backpack and a Aug.

Overall he is a great custom minifigure, and we really like the jacket and nicely showcased in this photograph.

Well done!

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