Mega minifig round up

ok, you’re going to have to bear with me, i’ve been away for a few days, so the site has had a massive update, we’ve got interviews, loads of new custom minifigs added and a heap more news below as well so make sure you look through the site!

OK first up, we have an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT from – 20% off their LEGO shop throughout February using: LEGOEXTRA

Next Ript have a cool new chuck norris style custom minifig tshirt, it looks super cool see below, and click here to check it out.

ok, so more news there are some awesome new lego minifigs for the 2011 starwars range, and you’ll obviously have seen the new pirates of the Caribbean sets complete with a few new minifigs and parts.

so from the new lego starwars sets the really cool thing is the spikey head thing on darth maul, the captain panaka hat i think will be awesome for anyone thinking of doing custom minifigs of the french foreign legion and the new storm trooper will appeal to all you decal obsessed.

Hazel seems to have had a creative fart and come out with yet more amazing and highly detailed custom minifig parts, he seems to be really gunning for the high detail stuff in resin rather than ABS. look forwards to seeing these items and many others get released, i’m still waiting on the custom minifig project arbiter for example, fingers crossed he gets his logistics sorted.

now, a few pieces of custom minifig fun i’ve found –

lego and custom minifigs hits main stream with these film impersonations (russian site) see here.

Minifig body and Zombie
and wired  did an article on custom minifigs here, though i’m not sure why they chose to feature Kris Buchan’s stuff over other custom minifig customizers, its not that his stuff isn’t good, cause it is, as you can see, but more that i would have thought there’d be other custom minifig customizers that would also deserve some main stream coverage, for example  (yes i’m bias) show the wider public some of Hazels, Pedro or Jasbricks custom minifigs and they don’t look like hobby minifigs, they look like Pro minifigs that will win people over and get them interested in custom minifigs, showing the wider public badly up on stickers and sloppy paint jobs will make them dismiss custom minifigs as nothing more than a childs hobby without the kind of following and creativity that it actually has. again, no disrespect to Kris Buchan as his stuff is really good, i just think wired could have added a few more creative and innovative custom minifig customizers into the interview as well. (rant over)

ok last but not leasts a few more cool minifigs i found surfing the net –

5 thoughts on “Mega minifig round up

  1. …and no disrespect taken. As an avid follower of your site, I have enjoyed seeing the many works of Hazel, Jasbrick and more. The only reason that the article probably featured me was because I met the author at Brickvention 2011, here in Melbourne Australia, and he got to see my over 100 custom minifigs (not just the handful I can be bothered posting to flickr) and I spent a lot of time talking to his kids with tips and advice covering my many, many years of customization, and thinking outside of the square to do something different. I did make a point of naming many other mainstays of the customizing world, but more importantly made a point that customizing and minifigs are as much a part of the Lego genre as any other aspect of it, but that we dont get much respect or recognition from the rest of the Lego world because we piant/cut/mould/glue pieces together, and this article was in anyway helpful to get that message out there, and make people ‘google’ custom minifigs, then that’s all important. Most of the pieces he featured in this were done anywhere from 2-6 years ago by me, and were recoginizable to the greater public, unlike another differently painted “Rin Joh” minifig. And on that, might I add, that I actually have 2 of those, they are brilliant and I’m in constant awe of Hazel’s work. The fact that I or the author didn’t mention him, well no direspect intended…LOL! Anyway, I finally have a picture on this site which I visit daily, so I’m even happier than being on
    ‘’, regards, Kris

    1. lol, thanks for taking it in good ‘humor’ Kris, its really great that you managed to speak with the writer, and i do, really love some of your custom minifigs, so please don’t take it as an affront to you personally, i think that the journalist could have dug a little deeper and written an article that really show cased the variety, i think thats what i was trying to communicate. still you are entirely correct, better that we get some coverage so people outside of our community start to gain interest of the community, it can only be a good thing for all of us, commercial or otherwise! and thanks for reading the blog as well, i really appreciate it when i see people post comments it makes writing this blog totally worthwhile!

  2. All, good, I knew what you meant and the context, and glad you like some of my work, I really need to get off my butt and photo the rest of my stuff. We’re on the same page so far as wanting more recognition for the minifig community and that’s where you are doing a brilliant job of not just starting this site, but keeping it going with very regular updates, the only one I’m currently aware of. And because of that it’s introduced me to other fine customisers such as Jasbrick, KJ, Pedro and others, because lets face it, we’ll probably never see any of us on The Brothers Brick for example, so wouldn’t know of them if not for here.

    So keep up the great work, I’m always logging on to see everyone’s new work, and looking forward to the “Where’s Rin Joh?” contest 😀

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