Mega minifig round up

ok, you’re going to have to bear with me, i’ve been away for a few days, so the site has had a massive update, we’ve got interviews, loads of new custom minifigs added and a heap more news below as well so make sure you look through the site!

OK first up, we have an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT from – 20% off their LEGO shop throughout February using: LEGOEXTRA

Next Ript have a cool new chuck norris style custom minifig tshirt, it looks super cool see below, and click here to check it out.

ok, so more news there are some awesome new lego minifigs for the 2011 starwars range, and you’ll obviously have seen the new pirates of the Caribbean sets complete with a few new minifigs and parts.

so from the new lego starwars sets the really cool thing is the spikey head thing on darth maul, the captain panaka hat i think will be awesome for anyone thinking of doing custom minifigs of the french foreign legion and the new storm trooper will appeal to all you decal obsessed.

Hazel seems to have had a creative fart and come out with yet more amazing and highly detailed custom minifig parts, he seems to be really gunning for the high detail stuff in resin rather than ABS. look forwards to seeing these items and many others get released, i’m still waiting on the custom minifig project arbiter for example, fingers crossed he gets his logistics sorted.

now, a few pieces of custom minifig fun i’ve found –

lego and custom minifigs hits main stream with these film impersonations (russian site) see here.

Minifig body and Zombie
and wired¬† did an article on custom minifigs here, though i’m not sure why they chose to feature Kris Buchan’s stuff over other custom minifig customizers, its not that his stuff isn’t good, cause it is, as you can see, but more that i would have thought there’d be other custom minifig customizers that would also deserve some main stream coverage, for example¬† (yes i’m bias) show the wider public some of Hazels, Pedro or Jasbricks custom minifigs and they don’t look like hobby minifigs, they look like Pro minifigs that will win people over and get them interested in custom minifigs, showing the wider public badly up on stickers and sloppy paint jobs will make them dismiss custom minifigs as nothing more than a childs hobby without the kind of following and creativity that it actually has. again, no disrespect to Kris Buchan as his stuff is really good, i just think wired could have added a few more creative and innovative custom minifig customizers into the interview as well. (rant over)

ok last but not leasts a few more cool minifigs i found surfing the net –

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