Marvel Quicksilver Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of CthulhuFX

Custom Super Heroes are hugely popular so it’s great to see a purist version of Marvel’s Quicksilver. This minifig uses the torso from NRG Zane but turned around, the legs from the Minifigures Series 8 Downhill Skier, Lex Luther’s head and we would recommend a white hair piece by Arealight.

Marvel Quicksilver

Overall a great inexpensive build!

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4 Responses to Marvel Quicksilver Custom Minifigure

  1. ChocoBricks says:

    Figure isn’t purist. The hair was painted white.

  2. ChocoBricks says:

    But you referred to the fig as being purist when it isn’t. 😉

    I’m just picky on details. 😛

  3. ChocoBricks says:

    Also adding an Arealight hairpiece will also not make it purist either.

    Purism is just using Lego without any modification or non-Lego parts whatsoever.

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