M79 “Thumper” grenade launcher

M79 “Thumper” grenade launcher by Catsy [CSF]

as i said before customizing custom minifig weapons is becoming a hobby it itself, and here we have a perfect example of it in this custom M79 “Thumper” grenade launcher, now we just need to custom ‘nam minifig to go with it…M1 helmets anyone?

One thought on “M79 “Thumper” grenade launcher

  1. Hi there,
    love the design, how much/ how can I obtain one of these??

    I am making a Lego stock motion animation recreating a scene from Terminator Judgment day and I am after a lego replica of the M79 grenade launcher.

    Let me know, – EdwinTetlow141@hotmail.com

    PS – I am operating on a minimal budget as possible, but would give you full accreditation for prop design in which ever way you specify. Let me know

    Many thanks

    Edwin Tetlowz

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