Lumbrax Studios Custom Minifigures

Lumbrax Studios Custom Minifigures

Lumbrax Studios is the latest designer to have some Super Heroes minifigures printed and the finished custom minifigures look excellent. They are from left to right:

X-Force Fantomex: He features 1 Trenchcoat, 2 Pistols (STI Night Hawk Pistols by
X-Force Deadpool: he features 1 Katana Sheath, 2 Katanas.
Moon Knight: He features 1 Cape

Lumbrax Studios Custom Minifigures Back

Designed by Lumbrax Studios these custom minifigures were UV digitally printed by eclipseGrafx, so we know the quality will be great, and about 50 of each design were made, making then highly collectible.

You can buy these 3 custom minifigures by Lumbrax Studios UK reseller

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  1. Diego Ferrer says:

    Hello I am a huge Moonknight fan and I was wondering if I could see how much he cost and if I could get him if I am on USA???? An I would review him in my LEGO blog

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