LOTR Lurtz Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

Lurtz was the first of Saruman’s Uruks to be bred and became Saruman’s second-in-command, and led them into battle against the Fellowship of the Ring at Amon Hen. Lurtz was born from the first batch of Uruk-hai in the Isengard’s pits.

The armour on this custom minifigure is made from leather, fabric and plastic and the hair is made from some muppet fur painted black. The shield, sword and bow are all made from bits of plastic and the arrows from wire and paper.

The amount of detail on this Lurtz Custom Minifigure is amazing and then painted to a high standard, especially the face!

Richard is now selling some of his amazing custom minifigures as G-Bricks Custom Design.