LongRange Sniper Custom Minifigure

LongRange Sniper Custom Minifigure
Photo courtesy of gtvpo

The sniper LongRange is the scourge of Madagascar, with a recorded 50 kills in this campaign.

This LongRange Sniper custom minifigure has a nice combination of third party LEGO pieces and the camouflage is hand painted.

Painting camouflage is one of the hardest techniques to master and as we can see on the sniper, the arms look excellent however the legs look a bit rushed and messy. There are several techniques customisers use including very fine brushes, sponges and G-Bricks uses a toothpick!

We always suggest you practice your technique on paper before having a go on some LEGO legs. It can become quite costly if you keep messing up!

Very nice minifigure!