Legolas Greenleaf custom minifig (by Armothe)

Legolas Greenleaf (by Armothe)

I remember wathcing Lord Of the rings films in the early days, and after wathcing the series I started playing the game and guess who I was the whole time, yup Legolas (still thinks his name is a little funny ). Legolas was my favorite character and I always tried to make him in legoform but the problem was the hairpiece, I never got my hands on that star wars jedi hair(or something like that). But here’s a perfect Legolas minifig, this is one of the best custom minifigs I have ever seen, I have to get my hands on this guy. And guess who made, it’s amrothe, the creator of brickforge. The bow is Mega Blox but rest offical and hairpiece painted.

– exxtrooper

4 thoughts on “Legolas Greenleaf custom minifig (by Armothe)

  1. Are you sure the bow is not Brickforge? Being Armothe I would have thought it would be. Anyway it is a lovely fig.


  2. Cool… well that is easier to get in the UK than Brickforge products (unfortunately).


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