LEGO War Machine Minifigure

Iron Man War Machine

Pictures have been spotted via an ebay seller of the new LEGO War Machine Minifigure which is set to be released in April 2013. The minifigure’s torso and leg printing looks crisp.

However, using the same mould as the LEGO Iron Man, once again I am disappointed at the size of the helmet, as you cannot attach a minigun.

Christo War Machine Custom Minifigure

I have recently bought the Christo War Machine Custom Minifigure, and I have to say this minifigure is amazing. David Hall from Solid Brix Studios came up the simple minigun build which uses three pieces from the black Brickarms Minigun, together with two small LEGO pieces 4211760 and 4517925 which you can buy on Bricklink. The pieces actually fit seamlessly into the torso design at the back, and this minifigure looks great with the minigun.

So which do you prefer, the official LEGO minifigure or the one from Christo?