Lego Universe

From Contagious 2008 –

Set for a 2009 release, LEGO Universe is another new MMOG. Developed by NetDevil to be a seamless
adaptation of the LEGO philosophy, the concept behind the subscription-based LEGO Universe is simple – if you can imagine it, then you can build it. The traditional play experience will transfer online, requiring a creative and collaborative approach to accomplish ingame goals. Contagious 17 contains a case study on LEGO.

You can find the site here. From What I can tell its going to be a secondlife style game for Lego minifig fans.

One that is particularly relevent for custom minifig fans will be the feature that allows you to customize your own custom minifig. Taken from the Lego site:

Design your own minifigure – Upon landing in LEGO Universe, you’ll choose from hundreds of options to customize your tiny in-game characters. 

Additionally you can play games, interact with others and build items and the game features an overarching epic storyline about the origins of LEGO Universe and the minifigures that inhabit it. In the story of LEGO Universe, the minifigures can team up to quest together. If the teams are successful, they’ll uncover new game zones featuring original characters, more building opportunities, and undiscovered creative challenges!