Lego Star wars Red clone trooper custom minifigs

Red clones 2

Originally uploaded by Nannan Z.

These minifigs are amazing, using only Lego parts to customize these minifigs, the torso is from the starwars royal guard minifig, but some how work along side the black clone trooper accessories, I’m guessing the helmets were painted red, but the hair is apparently a standard Lego hair piece and yes, it comes in red. It would be cool to see a whole army of these red clone troopers, i’m sure they would look amazing in a vignette!

2 thoughts on “Lego Star wars Red clone trooper custom minifigs

  1. I’m going to have to correct you there, the helmets are prototypes by Lego that have found their way into the hands of a Lego enthusiast. Exactly how this happened can be found on the original image’s page.

  2. You dissapoint me Nannan. You can do better than this! Try to do somthing like wuzzubob does. This sucks!!!

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