Lego Star Wars Clone Wars Minifig Chess Set

Lego Star wars clone wars minifig chessset
Lego Star wars clone wars minifig chess set by Brick_Alchemist

This fantastic Lego Star Wars chess set is made up of various standard lego minifigs  from the Lego Star Wars range, its fantastic and the selection of parts is really well thought out, heres a break down of the roles of each minifig:

Piece: White/Black
Pawn: Unmarked Clone Trooper/ Battle Droid
Rook: Red Clone Trooper with miniguns/Droideka
Knight: Green Clone Trooper/ Super Battle Droid
Bishop: Clone Comander/ Magnagaurd
Queen: Obi Wan Kenobi/ General Grievous
King: Yoda/ Count Dooku

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2 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars Clone Wars Minifig Chess Set

  1. Hey,

    looks like i was beaten to the punch. i must say a very nice set and came out as beautifully as i’d have imagined it to be. how much did it cost you to build this? did you order the characters individually?

    i still want to build my own though peices would be slightly different. would have used:

    >rook=clone commander
    >knight=obi wan and anakin
    >bishop=senate guard

    just to name a few. haven’t gotten around to starting and not easily available where i am thats why i’m inquiring on the cost.


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