Lego Spartan Watchmen custom minifig

Lego Spartan Watchmen custom minifig
Lego Spartan Watchmen custom minifig by JasBrick

Lego don’t product military products…apparently, although the did make a tad bit of an exception with Indiana Jones, and the western minifigs, oh and starwars, but, what about video games? nope..but if Lego did make minifigs for video games, Halo would be the one to pick, and heres an example of why, just look at the paint job on this custom minifig, its suprub and uses all sorts of great custom minifig accessories from brickforge and brickarms, cool to say the least.

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5 Responses to Lego Spartan Watchmen custom minifig

  1. nick says:

    thats awsome

    would you sell that?

  2. JasBrick says:

    One of the things about custom figs is that it can be too expensive to produce these at a price that is acceptable to you whilst being worth the effort for the creator…. not something easily solved.


  3. Lemons says:

    Can you plz sell that to me, how much would you want (in GBP plz) and where is it located. Thx!

  4. callum says:

    i’ve searched up exclusive lego minifigures on google and these are all so cool

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