Lego Sledge vignette custom minifig

Lego Sledge vignette custom minifig

(Lego Sledge vignette custom minifig by Noddy/V1)

This cool vignette of a Sled and dog team, its really well made and the ice surface is flat (i’m guessing this might be a custom surface), the sled and its accessories are totally custom and its really well made with a whole load of custom building in it, the Minifig however is a little standard, regardless, its good to look at and works.

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  1. V1 says:


    I found this today, and was quite shocked by the description 🙂
    There is absolutely nothing custom in this scene. Only Lego stock, non-modified parts. Including brick-built snow, all the equipment, strings, and rubber bands.

    V1 (=Noddy)

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