Lego SEAL custom minifig

Lego SEAL custom minifig
Lego SEAL custom minifig by John_0515

This is a custom minifig i’d wished i’d made, not only is the decal highly detailed and well designed (theres even a Navy SEAL emblem on it), but the clincher is the boonie had, something I mentioned that Hazel ought to give a try at making a custom for. This would work well in a vignette with loads of foliage and the loads of M16s from brickarms

5 thoughts on “Lego SEAL custom minifig

  1. hey i like how you used the black gangster hats from Indiana Jones.
    i only have two.(one i got from the mall of america at the Lego store where you make three custom guys and the other one i got form a friend he has the Indy set that come with the one it come with gangster) im making a Lego navy seals movie and it will be on youtube (my youtube user name is megashockandawe) i will use black and brown Indy hats

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