Lego scots custom minifigs

 Lego scots custom minifigs by mijasper

(Lego scots custom minifigs by mijasper)

Scotland rocks, infact, kilts rock, i want to wear a kilt, it would be really cool, though I don’t think I’ll get any taller, unlike these custom minifigs, its really original how the Lego torso has been used as the minifig kilts on these custom minifig, better yet is the cool way the white socks and black shoes have been custom mized, and lets not forget about the scottish hat and amazing bag pipes.

3 thoughts on “Lego scots custom minifigs

  1. I like the idea. It just bothers me a little that one of the Scotsmens’ kilts is coming open at the crotch.

  2. these are really cool!
    I’m not seeing any links or anything for purchase though. Is it possible that I could buy these somewhere? Where?

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