Lego predator custom minifig

Lego predator custom minifig by bobskink

I sincerely believe that Lego predator is one of the hardest characters to make a custom minifig of but here we have  a really good example of a well thought out custom minifig the creative use of parts to make the spear is also fantastic.

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7 Responses to Lego predator custom minifig

  1. ryan says:

    yo thats sick !!! how do you make that ?

  2. derrek says:

    where did you get the decals for.

  3. Zach Mucha says:

    hey can you plz make a predator minifig for sale plz i am a predator lover and i have been looking for a lego predator for ever

  4. Zach Mucha says:

    if you cant make it for sale, can you plz put some instructions on the page????????????????????????????? plz

  5. Zach Mucha says:

    where did you get the supplies for the lego predator

  6. Zach Mucha says:

    how do you order this custom minifig

  7. Zach Mucha says:

    hey how do you buy it

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