LEGO Olympic Team GB Minifigures Parted Out

Resourcing the LEGO bits for your custom minifigures you need can be very frustrating so Firestar Toys have split all the minifigures down from the LEGO Olympic Team GB series so you can choose exactly what you want.

The minifigures are Brawny Boxer, The Stealth Swimmer, Relay Runner, Judo Fighter, Tactical Tennis Player, Flexible Gymnast, Wondrous Weightlifter, Horseback Rider, and Agile Archer.

Lego minifigures can easily be taken apart swapping hands, arms, legs, torso’s, heads and hair. Choose from bodywear, headgear, parts and start creating your own custom minifigures!

If you haven’t already you can buy the complete set of 9 Olympic Team GB Minifigures now.