Lego in town

Today’s been a very exciting day, I managed to meet the online marketing manager for Lego, Frank, a tall chilled bloke from Wisconsin working and living in Enfield, Connecticut (if i remember correctly), Keith is really cool and the meeting went really well,I got to see some amazing new products lego will be launching supplimentry to the standard Lego offering, the big ticket item from Lego which has already been blogged is the ATST walker, which I have to say is totally amazing. Aside from this there’s also cutler, book ends, and a really cool name plaque, i reckon these will be great for AFOLs but i don’t think these are the core proposition or big sellers, and sadly Frank didn’t have a Lego minifig card…apparently only the exhibition guys get those.

Conversation then continued to Lego Universe, sadly Frank couldn’t divuldge anything more than the 2010 Launch, and admit (much later on and a few beers in) that this was very much a venture into the unknown for Lego, Brave steps!

The really cool tidbit of news however is to do with Lego games, as you’ve probably seen from the Lego pyramid thats been doing the rounds, I was mentioning brickwars and Warhammer (Games Workshop) as brilliant for Lego which really got Frank getting excited about Legos 2009 plans, so I think its safe to guess this is an area that Lego is exploring.

Whilst this wasn’t really an interview or a serious meeting by any means and I realize there’s not much to go on, you have to remember this was a chance meeting and a casual conversation, nevertheless hopefully we’ll get more nws from the good sir in the coming months!

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